Splendid Marketing & Communications is a 100% Black female-owned Marketing and Communications agency. We are the preferred service provider for vibrant Marketing, Media Planning, Publicity, Communications, Project Management and Brand Management Solutions for organisations in both the Public and the Private Sectors. We continuously strive in delivering distinctive quality services, thus ensuring maximum returns for our client’s projects. See on the next page some of the events that Splendid Marketing and Communications has organised and managed

  • Splendid Marketing and Communications is an award-winning marketing and communications company with offices in Johannesburg and Durban.
  • Splendid leads the way when it comes to mobilisation and activations in mass-market audiences. We have mastered the way products and businesses relate through our efficient and effective networks and stakeholders.
  • Splendid has efficiently done work in the fields of media management, reputation management, media buying, corporate communications, stakeholder management, events management and project management.
  • Splendid’s clients include KZN Provincial Government, City of Johannesburg, City Power, KZN Tourism, as well as a range of other Government Departments at national, provincial and Local Municipalities.
  • Splendid enjoys impeccable business and stakeholder’s networks across the country, which adds significant value to any event we are part of.
  • Splendid has coordinated an extensive number of world-class events at the local, provincial, national and international level for various clients in the private and public sector.
  • Splendid has a proven track record of promoting social cohesion and a multifaceted approach and process in all that we do and work across racial, religious and language groupings.
  • Splendid understands media relations very well, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO, and most importantly, everything that we touch turns out to be Splendid!
  • Splendid is a B-BEEE Level 1 contributor