Mid-year Strategy Evaluation

Happy Monday Marketers!

So, we’re just over the halfway mark for 2021, and what a wild ride it has been! From lockdowns to lockups, this year has had been filled with curveballs.

The nature of marketing is that when the landscape changes, so should your marketing, so we’re bringing you the mid-year round-up of strategies for 2021.

Its business unusual and you’ll need to make sure your strategy is responding to that. Here are three ways you can do that:


  1. Sensitivity as a Strategy

While we’re battling with the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, marketing strategies need to be cognisant of the current atmosphere. While for the few, luxury goods might still be accessible, focusing on consumption and luxuries are not at the forefront of the consumer mindset.

If you are in luxury goods and/or retail, businesses with the means to do should focus more on giving back through competitions and/or charitable efforts. This lets your customers know that you’re thinking of them during these turbulent times, without pushing for them to spend money they might not have. Sensitivity to the current situation forges long term relationships and keeps you top of mind.


  1. Connection over consumerism

With people spending prolonged time at home, many in complete isolation, social media is a great tool to forge connection.

Brands have continued to reach and connect with consumers in a personal way through hosting webinars, Facebook and Instagram Lives.

Connecting with consumers in this way adds value and also gives businesses an opportunity to communicate with their most important stakeholders. Allowing consumers to ask questions, provide insight and share with the business in an open and honest way, provides invaluable insights into what your consumers really want or expect during these times.

Not only are these fun, but they give people a space to positively interact with you and each other.


  1. Be helpful!

Sharing tips and resources through your social media is a great way to be helpful! Shifting focus to the matters that are most important to your consumers positions your brand as personal, intimate and useful.

It shows you know what they’re going through and that you care about their overall wellbeing. A little research into free resources that focus on mental wellbeing, physical safety and protective measure against Covid-19 goes a long way in ensuring that your consumers are taken care of and feel seen.


Be mindful. Go back to your vision, your mission and objectives and align your strategy to those intangible things that make you, YOU! Those are the real elements that ensure your brand is beloved and ultimately, supported.


We hope this blog has been helpful and we look forward to seeing every business thrive on the other side of this pandemic and turbulent times!

With love,

Splendid Marketing and Communications