TEAM BUILDING SERVICES:gagasi-gala-dinner-2012-docklands-hotels-durban-waterfront-15
  • To enhance working relations at work
  • To assist staff in understanding their colleagues, managers, and subordinates better
  • To unleash your staff’s hidden potential and infuse their self-confidence
  • To assist your human capital work towards the organisation’s Vision & Mission
  • To help Management become better leaders at work
  • To help Management gain their sub-ordinates’ support & commitment
  • To uncover each person’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To identify challenges faced by people at work
  • To identify any stumbling blocks hindering staff performance and productivity
  • To enable your staff / Management to network in a more relaxed environment
  • To allow your organisation to function more effectively through its people
  • To motivate your staff so that they can contribute towards organisational goals fully!

Our Team Building Sessions are very unique and highly effective, in a sense that they go way beyond just building a team, but also identify causes for problems at work, and reveal possible solutions. We also give practical/ work-related motivational talks that help change negative mentality at work and encourage a harmonious work environment.

Why your organisation needs our Team Building Sessions…anc-fundraising-gala-dinner-2014-coastlands-umhlanga-hotel-and-convention-centre-durban-5

  • Work politics are a reality. There are power struggles in many, if not all, organisations.
  • In most organisations, people generally don’t get along for various reasons, and that affects team-spirit, the flow of information, and ultimately, productivity.
  • People are generally lazy – they do just enough to cover their backs, hence low levels of effectiveness and productivity.
  • People are sometimes demotivated for both personal and professional reasons, and need to realise why their roles are important and how they fit into the bigger picture of the organisation.
  • Through our Team Building Sessions, solutions are formulated for any challenges identified within your organisation, hence problem-solving and added value.

For just one day that you allow us to come in, change your staff’s mind-set and add value to your biggest asset – your human capital, you will never look back!