Marketing Monday

Welcome to another Marketing Monday!

We’re two weeks into the “month of love”, and the question stands, is Valentine’s Day still marketable?

When it comes to Valenetines Day, there really are only two groups of people: those who love it, and those who are nauseated by the incessant, cheesy messaging.

Whether Valentine’s Day has you swooning or puking, the short answer to the question regarding its marketability is a resounding yes.

Besides, after 2020, we could all use a little extra love!

Email Marketing

So you’re not in the gifting/jewelery/chocolate/flowers industry? How do you capitalise on Valentines’s Day in an authentic and appealing way?
Email Marketing allows you to get personal, market your services and throw in a little Valentine’s discount code, all in the name of love! 2020 was tough, and a little personal touch with a heartfelt message can go a long way!

Using customer segmentation, you can create messages touching on the pain points of your different customers – moms worried about their families, dads concerned about the future and finances etc.

Pro tip: add in customer’s names to make it extra personal, and a catchy subject line for a good open rate!

Social Media

Don’t crigne! Stay with me here!

Social media is another way to authentically let customers know that you’re having great Valentine’s specials, and more importantly, it’s a great tool to connect. More than ever, brands are going beyond the scope of their products and services and creating community.

Why not go live on Valentine’s Day and chat to your customers. Let them know just how much you love and value their support. Use discount codes such as LOVE10 for
10% discounts and give a little something back to your loyal customers!

Speaking of giving…

Give a little bit (I’ll give a little bit of my love to you)

A classic.

Nothing says month of love, quite like a giveaway! People LOVE free stuff!

Doing a social media giveway kills two birds with on stone:

1) You’re able to gain new followers

2) You can give something back to you customers

Giveaways generate buzz around your brand as well as engagement! It’s a great way to diversify your social media presence.

Pro Tip: collaborate with other brands to create a number of prizes, increasing the appeal as well as the number of entries.

We hope this month of love is one of connection, community and continued growth!

With love,

Splendid Marketing and Communications