Marketing Monday

The art of the Freebie

Happy Monday Marketers!

This week we’re unpacking freebies! Its something we all love to receive a good freebie but when you’re a business-owner, this can be a source of contention!

So how do you give freebies in a sustainable way to draw in clients, without losing potential clients or losing revenue?

This bog will explore the five options available to entrepreneurs to market their business using freebies.

  1. Giveaways

One of the best ways to draw in potential clients and customers is through social media giveaways. Social media giveaways allow you to achieve three things:

1) build brand awareness
2) increase followers
3) build social proof by giving away your products

With social media giveaways, you’re able to use the competition rules to the benefit of your company! The most common valid entry requirements are to follow the company, like the competition post, repost the competition to a story and tag three friends in the comment section. These methods really help increase brand visibility and a brand’s following. The best part is that you’re getting all this free visibility while only giving away your product/service to one person!

Pro Tip: partner with other brands to boost the giveaway!

2. Online Resources

Giving a little value before selling to a potential client is a great way to ensure that people DO commit to a sale. One of the best ways to do that, without losing revenue and giving away your USP, is to use online resources. Blogs (just like this one) are a great way to add value and entice customers. You can blog about just about anything! Blogs are an effective way to address customer pain points and punt your product benefits in an authentic way.

Email marketing is another way to reach customers, engage with them and give away a little value, without losing revenue or giving away free products and services.

3. Live Streams/Webinars

Live streams and webinars are a fantastic way to give value. Giving people a space to ask questions and tap into your knowledge and expertise is a wonderful way to give value.

Live streams and webinars can be very interactive and allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. By showcasing your value, you’re able to attract more people who will be willing to pay for your services. Much like blogs and emails, live streaming and hosting webinars have a very low barrier to entry, and you’re able to talk about just about anything!

Pro Tip: use your webinar or Live Stream as an option to build a database by collecting emails when sending out links for the meeting!

  1. Free Trial

One of the best ways to give value, is to allow a free trial of your service. People are naturally hesitant to pay for a service they’re unsure of. A limited free trial is a great way to let people try out your service/product and fully enjoy the benefits of what you offer.

This is a more revenue intensive option as you are literally giving away your service/product, however there are a number of benefits such as:

– increased client sales
– database of potential clients
– feedback from trial users

People who have actually tried and used your product/service are far more likely to purchase it, as well as recommend to others as they can also make use of the non-committal trial.

5. Free Consultation

A free consultation is another great way to give value to potential customers. It allows you to evaluate how best to service a customer/client and showcase your knowledge. You’re able to demonstrate to your client how you would handle their query and address their pain points. In this Covid era, consults can be 15minutes virtually and you can really maximise that time while being client facing.

We all love a little freebie, and as a business-owner you can maximise on that for your business and brand!

Have an amazing week!

With Love,

Splendid Marketing and Communications