Workshop brief

We were tasked by our client to ensure that the Management and Staff of the Municipality get to know each other better and understand fully what functions each person performs. To align Management’s and Staff’s focus towards the Municipality’s common vision, mission and objectives. We also had a mandate to teach

Management of this Municipality how to become good Leaders, rather than just pure Managers, and the importance thereof and also illustrate the importance of good work performance, and of having a customer-driven approach. Part of the brief was to help change any negative mentality and unleash people’s hidden potential within this Unit.

Implementation strategy

With the understanding that Hlabisa Municipality is a densely rural Municipality with limited resources, our focus was to ensure that each and every employee of this Municipality understood what was required of him or her in order to ensure that the Municipality maximise the resources that it has at its disposal thus fast-tracking service delivery. We also gave them an overall overview of the community that they are servicing as the Municipality so that they can be better positioned to allocate services where they are required the most at the efficient level.

Implementation tools

  • Intra Personal Relations – each person to identify his/ her own strengths & weaknesses
  • Inter Personal Relations – how each employee relates to his/her colleagues
  • Overview of the Municipality – We looked at the Municipality’s Vision, Mission, overall Objectives, and then assist each staff member to understand how their role fits into all of this and the ultimate bigger picture of the Municipality.
  • Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
  • Leadership Exercise
  • Performance Management Exercise
  • Mini Teambuilding activities
  • How to live your life constructively, both personally and professionally Motivational Talk / General principles to practice in life


  • Our SWOT Analysis discovered that the Municipality has good opportunities that can help it to grow its economic base and overall financial capacity.
  • The session captivated the staff and management morale thus creating strong cohesion and outcome driven approach.
  • It improved the level of commitment and responsibility among staff and management.
  • Helped the Municipality’s staff and management to have a better understanding of what is expected from them.
  • The A-rating given by all the participants in relation to the Facilitator and the Workshop through the evaluation forms given, we can safely conclude that the Teambuilding Workshop, in its totality, was a resounding success and highly productive and fruitful.