A warning against Fraudsters: May 2018

Advert published by Splendid Marketing and Communications on behalf of City Power and the City of Johannesburg, warning its suppliers and the public of fraudsters – Published in Caxton Group and Tiso Blackstar Publications May 2018

City would like to warn the general public especially its suppliers not to be duped by a syndicate that pretends to be City Power employees looking for quotations to buy products and services from our suppliers.

City power will never send a supplier a quotation request. All our quotation requests are sought through the internet on our official website: www.citypower.co.za

A supposed City Power employee asking for a quotation from the supplier on City Powers behalf is not a genuine employee of the utility and must be reported to 011 490 7112 or 011 490 7529 or 011 490 7074.

These fraudsters who pretend to be City Power employees are using names of senior City Power officials, incorrect City Power telephone numbers and email addresses to solicit quotations to do business with our suppliers.

If you receive a request for a quotation from a City Power employee, kindly turn over the contact details of the bogus employee to us at the numbers mentioned above or report them to your nearest police station.

“A Joburg that works is a South Africa that works.”

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